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Nightlife 11:30pm 30 yuan

Vervo Presents: DJ Caution

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Los Angeles native DJ CAUTION is blessed with the ability to blend different styles of music and has quickly risen to be one of the most requested entertainers in the business.

Known equally for Live sets, classic steet mixtapes, original edits and fresh remixes DJ CAUTION always remains true to his music.

A Hip-Hop specialist with slick turnbalist twist, his signature live mixes fuse together hip hop, rock, electro even classical.

Hip-Hop heads, this one is for you!

Kunming's very own DJ DSK had this to say upon hearing DJ CAUTION was coming to KM; “He is dope, one of the best DJ's in China!”

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Vervo Club & Bar • 69-71 Qianwang Jie, Zhengyi Fang (North Side)

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