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Live music 7:30pm 25 yuan

A Night with the Heroes

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The Kunming Young Musicians Chamber Orchestra proudly presents, A Night with the Heroes. Be dazzled by the visual as well as auditory concert experience of film/video music from Captain America, How to Train Your Dragon, Star Trek, Final Fantasy, Pride and Prejudice and much more. Special guest include guitarist, David Jin, and violinist, Du-Ya Suni. Concert will be held next Friday, October 17 at 7:30pm at TCG Nordica (25 RMB). Tickets can be purchased through Mrs. Sally Wu, Mrs. Hamm or Mrs. Lok (KIA Elementary Adm. Office) or with TCG Nordica 0871-64114691/ 0871-64114692.
For more information, call 13085331495. Hope to see you there!

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TCG Nordica (new location) • Runcheng Di Er Dadao, 3rd Floor, Mall 1 (Rixin Lu and Qianxing Lu intersection)