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Nightlife 10:00pm 40 yuan

Arouse Techno In Love Charity Music Tour


"AROUSE" is a home grown Chinese electronic music charity label, focused on caring for animal welfare and promoting adopting pets instead of buying them.

There will be 30 DJs performing in this electronic music tour, starting on August 8th in Beijing and visiting Jinan, Shanghai, Chengdu, Kunming, Shenyang, and Harbin.

Each event will have a dedicated area for local animal welfare NGOs’ charity sales. This will be the first ever event that combines electronic music and charity sales – if you are an electronic music fan or a flea-market fan, don't miss it!

Saturday August 23rd will be held at Vervo Club & Bar, ALL TICKET PROCEEDS will be donated to improving the welfare of animals and caring for and protecting abandoned animals throughout China.

Line up:

JohnnyZ \ Pancake Lee \ BeeKoo \ MAXI \ SKY Zhang \ Demone \ BJY \
Leslie Jaycee \ WengWeng \ OuYang \ Mickey Zhang \ XLF \ ELVIS T \
BenHuang \ ShenYue \ YangGe \ Jaco V \ Jason Lee \ Xiao Long \ Ray \
Daniel Ma \ MHP \ Yan Jun \ X.Lee \ Jason Dalee \ BAIFAN \ Johnny \ Wong

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Vervo Club & Bar • 69-71 Qianwang Jie, Zhengyi Fang (North Side)