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GoaProductions Presents Martian Arts Live

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Put a reminder in your phone, mark the calendar, set your alarm, and knot that handkerchief! You’re not going to want to miss this one. Days? No, Months? Not even! This event has been in the planning for years!

On the 11th of April as part of his China wide tour Martian Arts lands in Dali for the very first time!

From his Disco Hooligan days through to his current incarnation as Martian Arts, the Greek Psytrance wizard has been a firm favorite at GoaProductions’ parties since the very start. With the release of his phenomenal remix of ManMadeMan’s “Desire” on our first compilation “Kui” a close connection to the Chinese Psyscene began to develop.

You’ve been hearing his music tear up our dance-floors time and time again. Now you get to experience it live and direct from the source. Grinding synths, classic riffs and pounding rhythms that have become his trademark sound.

After touring China he'll be heading off to Europe for a busy summer schedule playing at some of the biggest festivals including Ozora and Antaris.This is your chance to catch a rising star, hold on tight and don’t let go!

Supporting DJs
Atoned Splendor (GoaProductions UK)
Microgram (GoaProductions IL)
DJ Yi (CN)
Ikaruska (Tribal Trip RU)

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Jilixiadao • Insdide the Dali Southern City retail complex