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Casual Party


About the event:

"Casual Party" originated from Kunming Lockgroove. On a normal afternoon, all finished work and opened up an iced beer to respectively start its music. When the live video appeared in a circle of friends, more friends successively arrived. A casual party went on till midnight.
In Lockgroove, there have been always such casual parties. No deliberate advertising, specific DJ, or limits on style, all people here are lucky guys engaged in music. Everyone's music collections deserve a high-grade gathering.
Subsequently, we have transplanted such a scene to a professional site, adding meticulous decorations and planning, but always adhering to music quality and diversity of style, freedom of expression, and soul collision.

DJ Lineup:


Party animal, enriched only by music, A Rock n Roll lover who has a unique view about music. By manipulating the most rhythmic beats, fascinating melodies, the most energizing and pumping timbre, with the purest music heart, she creates high sound energy and tension to let you off the ground towards a massive climax. Needless to say, please contact.

Music style: Love


In 2015, he joined the underground culture and joined the Xi'er band to play bass. Due to his love of music and the underground scene, he set foot on the road of electronic music broadcasting and remixing and had no resistance to the ancient confused rhythm and wild rhythm.

Style: Progressive, Trance, Psy, DNB, and rock.

Performance experience:

2015 Chongqing punk music festival

2016 Guangzhou Tianyou punk music festival

2017 Lingzu Psy Trance electronic music festival

2018 Maolan Valley International Music Festival, etc.

No Order

For music, his enthusiasm and passion never ceased. Being obsessed with digging all day, and also keen on marathon parties of dozens of hours. In Kunming, No Order has led/participated in launching several party events with extraordinary influence. He is fond of progressive mechanical beauty, and also has a strong passion for unexpected psychedelic grooves.

Breaking out of the limitations of the definition of music style, in his set, there are Techno, House, Bass, Breaks...With the desire for expression that nowhere to place, he is eager to tell a wonderful story with each set. The adventure is about to begin, and wish you a pleasant journey.

Touch Ya

The craze for rock music leads to the choice of life path: component rock band and engaged in music-related work.

Through countless parties accompanied by alcohol and cigarettes, we find that the market music room is so messy and kitsch. Is there another way to share music? So, he bought equipment and began to explore the field of recording and producing music. In the following innumerable parties, he showed his unique musical style and made great efforts in the direction of diversified rhythm integration.

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