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Nightlife 9:00pm

Techno, Tech House, Deep House Night


About the Event:

Techno was born in Detroit, bloomed in Berlin with simple 4*4 drums to build the music integrity, with a variety of melodies to build different Techno styles of cold industrial sense, mechanical rhythm melody.

This is the most obvious feature of Techno. It can also be incorporated into house, just like modern music adding classical music to bring more emotion and atmosphere to it. At the same time, Minimal may bring you the romance of your first love and hypnotize your consciousness Awaken the most primitive nature "dance" deep in our DNA.

DJ Bio:


DJ 12, the owner of the twelve o'clock tattoo studio. Decided to become a DJ after attending hundreds of parties. He hates music like "roller coaster". He is good at mixing psychedelic vocals with regular drums. The genre of his goes to techno, deep house.


Da, a music lover who regularly travels to various parties and events in Kunming. Self-practice, through hard study, he comprehends the unique music mode. Using pure techno drums as the base, the hallucinatory melody as the bridge, and the violent control around the sound field to create a strange musical journey!


Perennial running around in Yunnan cinemas, night projectionist became familiar with his people to his name; Working in front of a projector for many years, he has a different understanding of optical projection and a weird aesthetic of visual art. He conveys emotions through vision and creates a psychedelic environment through the combination of light and shadow. Simple lines and simple colors create the scene of his consciousness.

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