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Mind Fantasy


The local party labels: Mind Wave and Oddity Fantasy, have been committed to promoting the development of underground party culture and focused on promoting non-mainstream 4/4 beat music such as Techno and House, etc.

This event is hosted by two founders, ZOE and DANNI, to break the stillness of the night, and take you into the vast universe of music.

About MindWave:

Mindwave is a party organization, a visual sharing blog, a music sharing station, and a group of a variety of artists, producers, DJs, young souls, and interesting brains gathers together to bring real music,

artistic creation, and an inclusive atmosphere here. The main soul of Mind Wave is the rave spirit which advocates Peace+Love+Unity+Respect

About Oddity Fantasy:

Oddity Fantasy is all about delivering less popular electronic dance music, and helping electronic music lovers get rid of routine music.


DJ, Promoter based in underground music parties. Founder of MIND WAVE.Well known for her intuitive record selection. Balancing a fine line between styles and genres.Her Dj sets are trippy, sophisticated. Full of banging illusions. Her mind goes from Lofi to Acid and Jungle to Bass. Like a wave without boundaries. She has played alongside Berlin Bunny and Summer of Haze. Electronic music is a gift and it must be "flowing" into space.


Danni is a simple and pure lover of music as well as parties. She hails from Kunming; Yunnan Province, having previously lived in Chiang Mai; Thailand, and Dubai; U.A.E. for many years as well as traveling around the world to get a feel for the different music scenes. In love with the underground club and music festival culture, she has experienced the different pleasures that give life a new pursuit.

In her earlier years, she was obsessed with Break Beat, Trip-Hop, and Electronic music from the label Ninja Tune. She is open-minded to all genres of music. Being a vinyl collector, she always does her utmost best to get the records she loves and desires.

When Danni started off her DJing career, she found that being a DJ is way different from being on the dance floor partying the night away. The challenge of DJing gave her an immense feeling of excitement in order to take all the party people to a wonderful, elaborate musical haven. Her carefully chosen Electronic music from her collection will bring you to a mind-blowing, deep musical world that will get your Dopamine flowing.

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