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Nightlife 9:00pm

They Come At Night


DJ Lineup: No Order, S&M

They Come At Night. They come to take you away into the dark recesses of space. They come with sonic weapons designed for the sole purpose of blowing your minds. They will destroy your false idols called 'Cool' and 'Hype', to be replaced by music so strange it transports you to another dimension and so beautiful you feel connected to the entire universe. They will bring a few like-minded intergalactic DJs with them to soundtrack your abduction from this world and transfer into the infinite abyss...

Only quality techno, electro, acid, house... Nothing generic or boring. As usual, tech-house and other forms of yawn-inducing music will be illegal all night.

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Dada Bar & Club • Hongshan Dong Lu 4, building 9, 2nd floor