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Nightlife 9:00pm

The Mountain Junkies


Born on the highest peak in the land of Great Reason, The Mountain Junkies are a transcendental DJ duo that are said to be found deep in the depths of the valley below and are rumoured to be as old as the universe itself.

Guided by the power of nature, they absorb its mysterious energy and translate its meaningful messages onto the dance floor. Combining ethnic beats, shamanic disco, and organic techno, their purpose is to inspire the open-minded to explore deep within and achieve a higher state of consciousness.

Take a trip intertwined in cosmic melody and mountainous grooves. Close your eyes, forget your name, forget the world, forget the people. Find your strength in the sound and make your transition. Dance with the earth below and the sky above.

Move your body to move any mountain as the The Mountain Junkies soundtrack your journey to the top!

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Dada Bar & Club • Hongshan Dong Lu 4, building 9, 2nd floor