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Nightlife 9:10pm

DJs XDD, SpyFi, Jason Dalee


Big line up with DJs XDD (All club, Shanghai), SpyFi (Dada Beijing), Jason Dalee (DM+B club, Dali).

+ RED shop opening after party

Slumber Station series: BASS MUSIC BATTLE NIGHT @ DADA Kunming

After the long epidemic, the Beijing party organization Slumber Station will come to Kunming DADA.

In recent years, Slumber Station focuses on the promotion of UK BASS music, on Sep.12 ,we will rock the dancefloor ! The director Spyfi (aka Senders Chen) will play more than 3 hours to dedicate the purest bass dance music to new friends in Kunming! From UK funky, 2-step, to dubstep, grime, and breakbeat, as well as jungle, dnb, and even footwork!

In this bass party night, we also invited Jason Dalee, old school local bass DJ in Yunnan ! He has been active in the front line of the Southwest electronic music scene, managing the famous local club DM+B in Dali, and has performed in many electronic music festivals in China!

AND we have a special guest tonight, from Shanghai, best of the best, legendary bass music DJ, XDD (aka Shackup)! He will join us with VJ Maliujia and designer brand collection shop "Rad Store" !

DJs : Jason Dalee , Spyfi
Special Guest : XDD & VJ Maliujia

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Dada Bar & Club • Hongshan Dong Lu 4, building 9, 2nd floor