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Popasuda Global Bass Party


VENUE: Dada Kunming
DATE: Saturday, August 29th, 2020
DEEJAYS: Skinny Brown
PRICE: Free entry

POPASUDA is China's longest and most renowned Global Music Party. DJ Skinny Brown, searches the world for custom music from around the world, all remixed and cut for the dancefloor. Much of his music is his alone, coming direct from the producers and artist who make it. Expect custom reggae dubplates, African and Indian house and Techno, real Jamaican Dancehall, heavy Global Bass, Brazilian Funk, all salt and peppered with the traditional music played to elevate the soul. If you don't hear it at Popasuda, you won't hear it anywhere.

Press (Chinese)

来自加拿大的skinny brown在上海生活了十三年之久,十年前他在上海dada有了第一场popasuda派对,他的音乐绝对是你在中国任何一个club都无法听到的,不管是喜欢techno还是reggae又或者世界各地奇妙音乐的人他们会说popasuda总能给人们带来不同的听觉享受,skinny brown每年夏天都会去欧洲各大音乐节dj并和当地一些优秀的音乐人合作给popasuda注入新鲜的血液,skinny有一半牙买加血统他和牙买加很多知名的制作人合作制作了专属popasuda的音乐,如果你认识skinny brown当他给你音乐时你总会听到这样一句话“很难相信这是一群十几岁二十几岁的非洲青年在一间破烂的房间里做出来的音乐”,是的,popasuda收藏了许多疯狂的非洲音乐,而这些音乐基本不会在dada以外的地方听到,然而就在这个月29号popasuda来到dada昆明为昆明带来一场别开生面的视听盛宴


SKINNY BROWN has been running the Popasuda parties for over a decade in Shanghai. Making his home at Dada, Popasuda has since been featured in publications like VICE along with a great number of national media. Growing up with music and playing traditional Indian Sitar, Skinny Brown has been Deejaying for 24

years, merging all of his musical interests into one consolidated set, focused on world music. He spends much of his time connecting with producers across Africa, India, the Caribbean, and Brazil sourcing custom dance music, built specifically for him. Expect every genre imaginable, all curated with sounds from across the globe, made for the dancefloor.

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