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Oddity Fantasy 奇幻妙想是关于传递非流行的电子跳舞音乐的派对夜,助力电子音乐爱好者摆脱套路音乐的侵扰。发起人Hu Yang是一名善于调配复古而又历久弥新的Rave氛围的DJ/ 制作人,更善于Electro, Trippy Techno, Acid House, Speed Garage不同类型的音乐诡异而奇妙地连接。另一位发起人Danni, 则是一位喜爱温暖而开心氛围的女DJ, 她喜欢用各种House, Break Beat 音乐把她游走在世界各地的愉快感悟表达出来。8月8日,Oddly Fantastic将会在Dada 昆明首次亮相。

Oddity Fantasy is about party nights that deliver less popular electronic dance music, helping electronic music lovers get rid of routine music. The founder Hu Yang is a DJ/ Producer who is good at blending the retro and time-honored Rave atmosphere. He is also good at the surprised and wonderful connection of different types of music in Electro, Trippy Techno, Acid House, Speed Garage. Another founder, Danni, is a female DJ who loves a warm and happy atmosphere. She likes to express her happy feelings of traveling around the world with various House and Break Beat music. On August 8, Oddly Fantastic will be launched at Dada Kunming.


Hu Yang Bio

Hu Yang是亚洲电子音乐文化场景中一位重要的音乐人和艺术策划人。他所主导的新青年文化品牌Konekt Asia,为从中国到亚洲的电子音乐文化环境带来了新的契机。

As an artist and promoter, Hu Yang is one of the major figures of the Asian electronic music scene. Being the co-founder of Konekt Asia, he has brought heaps of new opportunities for the electronic music scene from China to Asia.

2013年,Hu Yang开始使用NiChiFanLeMei作为DJ/制作人展露头角。偏向于Dub, Detroit Techno的音乐制作和现场为当时的中国地下电子音乐场景带来了全新的面貌。他的音乐创作上是隐忍而内敛的,并不把态度的彰显放在浅显的生活姿态上;而在他的DJ或Live现场,他的呈现永远是多元精致而不落俗套的,高级而又略带忧郁气质的审美,同时他懂得如何简洁而有趣地点燃现场,直击人心。

In 2013, Hu Yang came to prominence as a DJ/producer using NiChiFanLeMei. His preferred Dub, Detroit Techno production and DJ set brought a new look to the underground music scene in China. His music is restrained and introverted, without showing off too much of his attitude towards life. However, his DJ and Live set is diversified, sophisticated and tasteful, with his distinguished and melancholic taste of music, he has a unique talent to make the dance floor move.

正如他所主导的Konekt Asia系列活动,带来了涵盖世界上不同类型风格中最富有艺术远见的电子音乐艺术家,从 DJ Masda, Resom, Rrose到Mike Dehnert, Marcelus, Machine Woman,这也从侧面表现了Hu Yang对于音乐艺术全面的审美。他喜欢寻找稀有和可贵的声音,但从不停留某一种刻板印象中,Chicago/ Detroit House, Dub Techno, 80年代的Disco, UK Garage和数不清难以归类的声音片段。

Just like the Konekt Asia series he ran, he has brought some of the most far-sighted artists in the world over a wide variety of genres, from DJ Masda, Resom, Rrose to Mike Dehnert, Marcelus and Machine Woman, this also indicates Hu Yang's comprehensive aesthetic appreciation of music. He enjoy to find rare and valuable sounds, but never stuck to a stereotype, from Chicago/ Detroit House, Dub Techno, Disco in the 1980s, UK Garage and countless unclassifiable beautiful sounds.

Hu Yang对于中国纯粹的俱乐部文化和电子音乐艺术的强烈推动,由内而外所展现的高度和品味,让他在从中国到亚洲范围内收获好评和青睐无数。他的演出从中国大陆全境到宀 Club香港,Savage河内,Beton Brut首尔到亚洲最出色的House/ Techno音乐节之一的Equation。

His huge boost to the Chinese club culture and electronic music, as well as his distinguished music taste from the inside out, has won him numerous praises and favor from China to Asia. His performances spreads across Asia,from mainland China to Mihn Club Hong Kong, Savage Hanoi, Beton Brut Seoul to Equation, one of the most outstanding House/Techno music festivals in Asia.






Hu Yang @ Fauve Raido Hong Kong


Hu Yang Boiler Room Beijing


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