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Dining & Drinks 5:30pm 258 yuan

Kai Wah Plaza Italian Food Festival Buffet Dinner


Original price: ¥308 / person
Now, any registered member of GoKunming.com can enjoy a ¥50 off discount for Italian Food Festival Seafood Buffet Dinner voucher at a special price of ¥258/person if they buy the voucher at Kai Wah.

Time: 17:30-21:00

Excellent Italian chefs cook special dishes, including pasta, Parma ham, Italian sausages and so on. In addition, we prepare hundreds of well-cooked delicacies, seafood delivered via air, stir-fried lamp chops and steak, assorted roast, cold dishes& hot dishes, dessert and drinks.

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Kai Wah Plaza International Hotel • 157 Beijing Lu