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O'Reilly's Summer Party


June 21st is the first day of summer! For us Kunming people it often means that the spring sunny days are being slowly replaced by the rainy season's uncertain weather..

But here at O'Reilly's, we say to hell with the rainy season! Friday June 21st, O'Reilly's "brings the heat", and it's happening at the Dongfeng beer garden location!

**FRUIT COCKTAIL BUCKETS**FLOWERS NECKLACES & WATER GUNS**SUMMER OUTFITS WIN IT ALL: Wear four summer items (ex: flip-flop, tank tops, bermudas, shades, straw hats, etc.) and get a free drink when you walk in the door!**SUMMER TUNES & LIVE MUSIC**

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O'Reilly's Irish Pub • Beer Garden (Dongfeng) • 52 Dongfeng Dong Lu (next to the Kunming Hotel)