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Nightlife 10:00pm 50 yuan

Originz China Debut @ Vervo

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Just eleven days into Chinese New Year and already the first highlight in Kunming’s party calendar! On February 15, Outrance’s founder Originz is coming full of energy from the south-east Asian festival season straight to his first gig ever in China!
Brace yourselves for a night of blasting music, let out your inner pig and dance till the sun comes up! Originz is supported in his China debut by fellow Outrancer Moonwave, Chenggong’s mix-master Why and GoaProductions’ very own Satori Snooks. Vervo’s vaults will be transformed into a hyperdimensional portal with intricate Décor and Crystal Cortex’ live visual interpretation of sound.
Door 50 RMB, starting at 10 PM and going all night! Don’t miss out, don’t stay home and join Kunming’s nighthawks on the Trancefloor ॐ

Originz (Outrance)
Moonwave (Outrance)
Satori Snooks (GoaProductions)

50元 / 50 RMB Door
场地/ Venue: 昆明 Vervo Kunming
地址/Address: 正义坊钱王街71号(北官)Zhengyi fang district, Qianwang Road #71 (North Side)

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Vervo Club & Bar • 71 Qianwang Jie, Zhengyi Fang (North Side)