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Trophy Munters Vol. 2 Album Release Party


最终 – 还是要继续喝醉!
Pieman和Suddha在2018年完成了他们第一次有趣的中国巡演之后,将再次回到大中国,并暨发行GoaProductions的最新专辑“Trophy Munters Vol. 2 (醉猫锦标赛 第二季)“而开始另一轮的断片儿之旅!
到昆明VERVO,我们的主要断片儿大师将得到来自昆明本土的DC以及打碟大师DJ Why的支持! 走进我们视觉引导的迷迷之门,沉浸在另一个世界中,GoaProductions带给您又一个难忘今宵!
当我们书写中国派对史的下一卷时,舞池中的各位将作为精神分子与灵魂的探寻者,在昆明的地下脉搏中进行一次思维扩展体验 – 快来跳到舞池中来吧!
At last - the munt continues!

After their first outrageously fun tour through the Middle Kingdom in 2018, Pieman and Suddha are back to China to kick off the release of GoaProductions’ newest album “Trophy Munters Vol. 2” with another round of outer-worldly mischief and shenanigans!
Arriving at VERVO Kunming, our munting masterminds are supported by local masters of the decks DC and DJ Why! Step into the mesmerizing portals of our visual wizards and immerse into another world as GoaProductions is bringing you another night of unforgettable bliss and sonic delights!
The stage is set for a mind-blowing experience right at the pulse of Kunming’s underground - join our soul seekers on the Trancefloor as we write the next volume of China’s electronic music history!

Pieman (Bom Shanka, 英国/UK)
Suddha (GoaProductions, 英国/UK)
DC (中国/CN)
DJ Why (中国/CN)

>> 40元 / 40 RMB


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