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Live music 10:00pm 100 yuan

Chinese Jamaican Reggae Legend I Kong


I Kong is a Jamaican Chinese reggae singer most known for his soulful and delicate voice on his 1978 album The Way It Is and his recording with Lee Scratch Perry. His uncle was the great producer Leslie Kong who recorded Bob Marley and the Wailers, Desmond Dekker and Jimmy Cliff.

In recent years I kong has released new albums that still display the power of his voice and the message of freedom and anti-poverty. This is the first time he has visited the land of his father to spread Jamaican culture through his music. If you love music, great voices and a good dance this can't be missed.

Support from:
Skunga Kong, selector and producer from Jamaica
Blood Dunza: The Ruler of Heavy Hong Kong, selector
Chakka C: Singapore selector
Dabo: Kunming, Kaimi, Selector
Ranking Zhou: Selector, UK

Tickets: 70-100 yuan

Kong是牙买加的传奇雷鬼歌手,他最出名的是他在1978年的这是专辑中的深情而细腻的声音,这是和他和Lee Perry的录音制作。他的叔叔是伟大的制片人Leslie Kong,他录制了鲍勃·马利和流浪者Bob Marley and Wailers,Desmond Dekker戴斯蒙德·德克尔和Jimmy Clifff吉米·克里夫的第一首歌。


来自牙买加的挑选者和制作人Skunga Kong
Blood Dunza:香港特首
Chakka C:狮城选择者
云南本土代表Dabo和英国的排名周Ranking Zhou

门票: 70-100 元

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