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-- Free -- Nu Disco Party @Turtle Club

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Tiger9stein AKA Peter Donaldson is a very experienced DJ, producer and musician.
Peter began his career in the music industry in London, whilst still a teenager, working for various record labels, including Flying Rhino, Fire Recordings, Tip Records, 10 Kilo and Surround Sounds. Since 2009 he has been working as a DJ and producer and has played in nearly all of Beijing’s dance music clubs as well as being a regular feature on the Chinese festival circuit.

Under his Tiger9stein DJ moniker Peter plays up-tempo, highly danceable Nu Disco and has played alongside the likes of Peter Hook from Joy Division, Mustang, Mickey, The Magician, Joakim, Le Castle Vania, Cassian, Louis La Roche and Attar! His DJ career has also seen him travel to the far flung corners of the globe, playing in Europe, Australia, South America and even as far a field as Easter Island. Peter also regularly plays all over China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Kunming, and Chengdu to name a few.

*Trinity is an active new figure in the electronic underground party scene. Groovy vibes and emotional tunes connect her closely with the dancefloor.
Starting out in Shanghai’s vibrant underground scene, she was immediately intrigued by the metropolis’ musical trinity – Disco, House and Techno. Evolving rapidly, she's now living at Spirit Tribe, working on her music and exploring new sounds. Past performances include gigs at the Mansion Shanghai, Hangzhou Loopy, Wuhan, Kunming, Dali, and festivals including Spirit Tribe, Lost Valley, Dalirium and YinYang music festival.
As a party organiser, she is now working on projects such as TechTonic, an audio-visual new party concept; Spirit Tribe in the city, spreading Disco, House and Techno from Spirit Tribe to all cities in China; Disco Safari, with 3 DJs/organisers in three different cities: Shanghai, Kunming, and Busan, Korea.

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Turtle Club • Jianshe Lu, Xiexin Tiandi, 1st floor, F06

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