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Live music 7:30pm 180 yuan

Concert: Animenz


Maik Guo, the stage name Animenz, born in 1991, German-born ethnic Chinese, the world-famous animation pianist. He successfully adapted more than 100 anime songs into piano piece. Animenz is a musician who full of passionate and musical talented, his adaption based on his understanding of music. Most of his early works were adapted form the style of the Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt etc.

Animenz is an anime fan. Because of the wonderful music in anime makes me enjoy anime, according to himself . Since 2009, Animenz started to adapted anime songs as well as he uploaded the video of playing the anime piano piece to his YouTube channel. His music gradually welcomed by the audience, now with more than 1.3 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel and over 210 million click rate and over 1.15 million fans on the Facebook.

Tickets: 180-680 yuan

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Yunnan Grand Theatre • 50 meters west of Guangfu Lu