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Live music 9:00pm 100 yuan

Sunset Rollercoaster (Rock, Taiwan)


落日飞车 (Sunset Rollercoaster) on stage

Sunset Rollercoaster is an indie rock band teamed up in Taipei, Taiwan, 2010. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist 國國 (Kuo-kuo), bassist Kevin and drummer 尊龍 (Tzun-Long). Their debut album, Bossa Nova, was released in 2011.
Kuo and Lo Tsun decided to return to Sunset Rollercoaster after a five-year hiatus, with a few lineup changes: keyboardist Shao, bassist Hung Li, and percussionist Hao Chia. The group’s new musical affections are on full display on the "Jinji Kikko" EP’s three songs.

Tickets: 100 yuan in advance

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