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Activity 9:00am 260 yuan

Outdoor Rock Climbing in Fuming


A. Gathering time and place: March 24, 2018 morning 09:00 Nowclimbing Gym

B. Registration and payment
Before March 24th to the Gym consult and pay the fees. Or leave a message( sign up March 24th outdoor rock climbing activity) in our Wechat public number [今日攀岩nowclimbing]

C. Transportation and luncheon arrangements
Traffic: self- driving or go Dutch.
Lunch:prepare lunch for yourself

D. Attentions
1. The registration of the activities is based on the payment of fees, and the accident insurance of the climbing activities will purchase by Nowclimbing Gym
2. If the activity is cancelled due to weather reasons and the number of participants, the time will be automatically postponed or the fees returned.
3. during the activities should be arranged by the coach, not to climb or run randomly. Please take away the garbage on its own after the end of the activity.

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