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Pool Challenge With a Twist

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You surely remember our "Beat The Bosses" pool challenge? New years bring new challenges! This Saturday night at 10:00pm come defeat the bosses and win prizes in BeiChen!

First, face the LEVEL 1 bosses. If you win, you will play the final LEVEL 2 bosses and get a chance to play for the champion title. The Beichen Pool Table Champion title makes you the LEVEL 3 Boss of the next "Beat The Bosses" pool competition and get you a free bottle of spirit courtesy of O'Reilly's Irish Pubs! Depending on numbers, this challenge is either played with a partner or single.

Every FREE BALL will be sanctioned with a shot of liquor!

Entrance to the tournament is free! Register on the day of the event at O'Reilly's Beichen's counter.

No matter your level at pool, anyone is welcome to join!

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O'Reilly's Irish Pub (Beichen) • 13 Beichen Pedestrian Street

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