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Live music 8:30pm 80 yuan

Travelers (World Music)


The Travelers band was founded in 2008, by the digital from western and northern areas of China excellent musicians of different ethnic groups, and is a Eurasian along the ancient silk road, the fusion and development multiple national folk music, psychedelic rock music and World music of transboundary band combination, with the root of romanticism, the brilliant imagination, the poet HangYin and nationalization of the instruments and is committed to become one of the landmark of the development of the Chinese music form.

Travelers are grasslands civilization and agricultural civilization and industrial civilization of communion between Nomads and explorer, vast Eurasia ethnically diverse culture and music on desert tundra spirit, all interactions in this piece of music, across time and space, regional and national boundaries and ethnic classification, forming a continuous flow of vitality, the outline of elegantly surrealistic images, rippling in the more than music, far beyond the distant place, to build up a sufficient to travelers trudge through the regional space and the same vast, deep, a perennial spirit world.


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