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Activity Oct 22 – Oct 31

Yunjian Cup Ping-pong Contest


The 2nd Yunanjian Cup Ping-pong Contest in the New Mall of Kunming South Asia Plaza.

Last year, the contest was also held in Kunming, enjoying high popularity.
This year's competition will still adopt same rules, but offer higher rewards to participants.
Everyone who takes part in this competition could get a Shuangyu brand sport shirt. The first prize winner of the contest will receive a reward of 6,000 yuan, the second place winner 4,000 yuan, the third place winner 2,000 yuan, and 1,000 yuan for each winner ranked from fourth to eighth.
The champion team will then participate in the finals. The first place, second place and third place team of the final competition could obtain gold bars that are separately worth 100,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.
The fourth team could win 10,000 yuan cash reward (pre-tax) and all teams that made to the finals will be given 3,000 yuan cash(pre-tax).

There are three ways to sign up the contest:
① Go to the service counter of the New Mall to sign up in person;
② Sign up through a Wechat official account: 斯博特体育赛事 or 云健体育;
③ Call Mr. Zhang's mobile phone number at 1591 2129 259.

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