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Dining & Drinks 6:00pm 50 yuan

Curry Night hosted by Yunnan Cricket Club


Prior to our upcoming tour to Chiang Mai and the match on October 7th & 8th, the Yunnan Cricket Club are organising another Curry Night at the Park, this Saturday starting at 6pm.

Last time we had nearly 70 people attend and the food went quickly, so this time we are cooking much more including daal, naan bread, and beef kebabs, as well as extra chicken and lamb curries. It's 50 yuan all you can eat.

The Yunnan Cricket Club are an international group of players based in Kunming and we are holding this event as a social get-together and for bit of fun.

We are also raising funds for equipment so that we can compete with other teams in China & South-East Asia and continue our march to glory as a club representing both the gentleman’s game and our beautiful province.

This is all about adding to our growing Kunming community so feel free to join us to lend your support and enjoy this great deal.

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