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Seiji Shimoda’s Performance Art Lecture


Seiji Shimoda C.V. Born in Nagano in 1953. He entered local high school in 1969, in the time of students’ movement time in Japan. He stopped to go to high school for one year in 1971, then traveled whole Japan by hitchhiking with long hair. Then he started to write poetry and self publishing small poetry magazine. One night in 1973 when he tried to write poetry, he found new expression way instead of writing, that was body expression. He was been good sportsman, best swimmer in Nagano city and team captain of basketball. He knew something about body movement. In 1995, he started to organize some experimental live show in Osaka with his friends. He moved to Tokyo in 1977 and started solo activities using alternative space. That kind space was called as “Live House” in Japan. We had its movement in whole Japan. Not only in Tokyo, even in local town there were many Live House. Almost every weekend, many things happened at that kind of space Live House. Not only music, but also experimental dance, theater, poetry-reading and more happened so widely in Japan.

He traveled whole Japan with his own show, poetry reading, strong body action, singing and painting etc. since middle 70’s till 80’s. In 1982, he had accidentally opportunity to go to Paris, then stayed 3 month there. After came back Japan, he started again to organized alternative art festival with many young artists friends. Because he knew so many talented young artists in many local town, not only in Tokyo. His idea festivals were so various unique idea one.

In 1986 he again had opportunity to go to Europe. Then he became well accepted artist there, because he was young, avant-garde and Japanese. After that, almost every year he was invited to Western Europe every year. In 1991, he was invited international performance art festival in Poland. His piece "On The Table" using only one table with slow naked body movement got incredible success. After that he received many invitation letters from many countries. It was the start time of "Time of International Performance Art Festival" until now. He participated a lots of festivals. He himself started NIPAF (Nippon International Performance Art Festival) as founder in 1993.

And also he started one more festival NIPAF Asia in 1996 focusing Asian artists. Now he is teaching performance art in 2 universities (Musashino Art University & Keio University) in Tokyo. And also have often workshop of performance art especially in Asian countries. Now many artists in Asia are influenced by his workshop. And lots of performance art festival already started because of his influence. He is still traveling a lot in the world. Often organize performance art exchange between other countries. He invited more than 400 artists from 50 countries to NIPAF and NIPAF Asia in past 24 years.

In 2016, he organized 21st NIPAF International in March, in May he organized NIPAF Asia Workshop in Vietnam with 10 Asian artists from China, Korea, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal and Bangladesh. In August he organized 19th NIPAF Asia. In October, he organized with local artists 1st Kathmandu International Performance Art Festival. Now he finished 22nd NIPAF International in January 2017 and will organize 20th NIPAF Asia in August 2017 under hard financial condition.

Seiji Shimoda; artist, poet, NIPAF (Nippon International Performance Art Festival) founder and executive director since 1993, Teaching at Musashino Art University (Tokyo) part time lecturer since 2000, at Keio University (Tokyo) part time lecturer since 2015, permanent final jury member of Chinese Performance Art Document at Macau Museum of Art since 2004.

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