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Walking on water at Cuihu Park

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How do you say 'lawsuit liability' in Chinese?
How do you say 'lawsuit liability' in Chinese?

The people at Cuihu Park are always trying to make the park more interesting for visitors, and we appreciate that. However we're still not sure what to think about the park's new attraction near the north gate: running around in rubber balls on Cuihu's surface.

We first became aware of this via Elizabeth in China, who has posted some video of children trying to get their bearings in the airtight spheres.

My ears!
My ears!
This weekend we went down to check it out ourselves and it seemed that business was good. There were dozens of children queued up to be put into a zippable rubber ball that is inflated (it looks like the inflation hurts the eardrums a bit) and pushed out onto the water. Most children were unable to stand for the majority of their time in the balls.

Anyone with 10 yuan and no sharp objects on their person can run around on the water in a ball for three minutes. The balls are all on tethers that are used to keep them from going too far from the astroturf shore. Strangely, no adults were in line to join in the fun - maybe it's because of the ban on smoking and high heels.

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