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Yunnan news roundup

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Miss Philippines wins beauty crown in Kunming
The 2009 International Beauty and Model Competition took place this weekend in Kunming, with contestants from more than 40 countries competing in the national dress of their respective countries as well as enduring short interviews and a bikini competion.

Miss Philippines – whose name was not provided in Kunming media reports - took the crown, with Miss China being declared the 'Queen of Asia' and Miss Greece winning 'Queen of Europe' honors.

Australian trade minister to visit Kunming
Australian Trade Minister Simon Crean will be visiting Kunming this week as part of a trade mission that will also take him to Shanghai and Wuhan. While in Kunming, Crean will open an Australian Architecture and Design Exhibition and will also work to promote Australian participation in upcoming infrastructure projects.

"Australia is seeking to diversify and deepen our strong trading relationship with China into new sectors such as architecture and design, green-building, environmental management and sustainable development," Crean said in a statement reprinted on Nasdaq.com.

In addition to architecture and infrastructure, he will discuss Australian trade and investment with customers and investors in Yunnan's agribusiness sector. In recent years China and Australia have been in slowgoing discussions regarding a free trade agreement.

Government to urge peasants to read one book a year
The Yunnan government has allotted 0.5 yuan per rural resident in a fund that beginning next year will be aimed at raising literacy and education levels in the countryside. The project's basic goal is to get peasants throughout the province to read at least one book a year, according to local media reports.

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Let me tell you all the competition was a fake. A shame

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