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Have your say: Best of Kunming 2008 awards

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Voting is now officially underway for the Best of Kunming 2008 awards. From today until Sunday, December 21, GoKunming readers can vote for their favorite restaurants, cafés, teahouses, bars and entertainment venues around town.

To vote, log in and then place your vote here.

Here are the categories and nominees:

Food: Best Chinese Restaurant
Gingko Elite, Heavenly Manna, Huatongqun, Panlong 17, Shiping Huiguan, Xiangyun Huiguan, Yi Dong Yang Lou

Food: Best International Restaurant
Cacaja, Indian Kitchen, Meijiya, Moonlight Corner (Expo Garden), Salvador's Coffee House, Totem Village

Food: Best Fine Dining
1910 La Gare du Sud, Blue Bird, España Restaurant, Gingko Elite, Moonlight Corner (Expo Garden), Panlong 17

Food: Best New Restaurant
Moonlight Corner (Green Lake), Samoana

Drink: Best Café
Chicago Coffee, French Café, Mazagran, Must Columbian Café, Prague Café, Salvador's Coffee House, The Silver Spoon Café, Vintage Café

Drink: Best Bar
Chapter One, Fisherman's Bar, Halfway House, Hiker's Bar, SoHo, Speakeasy, The Box, The Hump Bar

Drink: Best Wine Selection
Gingko Elite, Moonlight Corner (Green Lake), Pizza da Rocco

Entertainment/Arts: Best Gallery
TCG Nordica, Yunart

Entertainment/Arts: Best Live Music Venue
Halfway House, Laowo Bar, SoHo, Speakeasy, TCG Nordica

Entertainment/Arts: Best Dancing Venue
Speakeasy, Uprock

All registered GoKunming users are eligible to vote once – suspicious flurries of registrations all voting for the same place will not be counted – if you are not yet a registered user, please register here.

In case you forgot who won last year, here are the 2007 winners.

Good luck to this year's nominees!

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