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Kunming native returns to China seeking Paralympic gold

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China is once again playing host to the world for a global sporting event, this time for the Beijing Paralympics. The games also mark a homecoming for a girl who was born in Kunming but is now on the United States' women's sitting volleyball team - SuGui Kriss.

An abandoned infant who was raised in a Kunming orphanage until the age of eight, the 21-year-old Kriss and her strong serve have been attracting media attention as the American team continues to win. Kriss was adopted by Charles and Marilyn Kriss 13 years ago and lives in Albany, New York.

SuGui and her teammates are now on a path toward the gold medal game which will likely be against defending champions China. To make it to the gold medal game, the US must make it past the Netherlands, who they play today in a semifinal match.

Image: Associated Press via Yahoo!

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