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Report: Suspects emerging in bus bombing case

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Kunming newspaper Dushi Shibao is reporting the emergence of suspects in the July 21 bus bombings on Renmin Xi Lu that killed two and injured 14.

According to the report, a man surnamed Wang who has a shop near the Daguan Tower in west Kunming said police came to his store and asked if he could identify a young man in a photograph.

After telling police he had never seen the man before, the police told Mr Wang to immediately contact the authorities should he happen to see the man from the photograph.

Wang told Dushi Shibao that after the police finished talking with him, they made stops at all the residences in his immediate vicinity, showing the photo to residents and questioning them.

According to the Dushi Shibao report, they have learned from undisclosed sources that there are currently several suspects in the bombing case, one of them being the man in the photo.

Both the Yunnan and Kunming Public Security Bureaus have yet to release any photographs of suspects connected to the case.

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