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Beerlao returns

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Good news for beer snobs in Kunming that are just as bored with Heineken, Budweiser and Carlsberg as they are with skunky Tsingtao, Dali and Lancangjiang: Beerlao has returned again, for what will certainly be a limited time.

Chapter One has once again procured a shipment of what in this site's humble opinion is one of Asia's best beers, although Chapter One co-owner Piers says the stock of Beerlao this time around is smaller than before.

Aside from Chapter One, there should also be a short-term supply of the tasty brew at other locations including Salvador's Coffee House and Speakeasy

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Beer Lao is now available in Chapter One, Salvadors, and Speakeasy (No Dark Beer at Sp'easy). French Cafe may well be next on the Beer Lao circuit.

If anybody has a bar that is interested in stocking Beer Lao please contact me at Chapter One or thru this site. For Beer Lao sales in Dali, contact Brian at Dragonfly Garden.

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