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Daguan Lu, Xinwen Lu to become one-way streets

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From the extreme makeovers given to Xuefu Lu and Yieryi Dajie to the Xiao Ximen 'turtle back' to the elevated roads being built over Dianchi Lu and Erhuan Lu, major changes have been made to Kunming's traffic infrastructure in recent months, resulting in much confusion on the best way to get from point A to point B in the city.

Add Daguan Lu and Xinwen Lu to the list. According to a Dushi Shibao report, work crews have already hung up signs for redirecting traffic on the two major parallel streets, which are being converted into opposing one-way streets - similar to what was done late last year to Xuefu Lu and Yieryi Dajie.

When work on the roads is complete, motorized vehicles will only be able to travel westward on Daguan Lu west of Huancheng Xi Lu, with bidirectional traffic allowed between the Daguan Commercial Center and Huancheng Xi Lu. Xinwen Lu, which passes through the popular Kundu entertainment area en route to Xiao Ximen, will be limited to eastbound traffic only.

Map Legend:

大观路 Daguan Lu
新闻路 Xinwen Lu
西昌路 Xichang Lu
环城西路 Huancheng Xi Lu
西园北路 Xiyuan Bei Lu
近华浦路 Jinhuapu Lu
单行 One-way road
复行 Two-way road
公交车,非机动车专用 Special lanes for buses and nonmotorized vehicles

Map: clzg.cn
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