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Yuantong Temple: More than just turtles

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38photo gallery#/en/gallery/index.php#, it's a close look at Yuantong Temple (圆通寺). The Chan/Zen temple is Kunming's largest and most famous temple, yet many people neglect to visit it during their stay in Kunming. The original structure was first constructed more than 1,200 years ago during the Tang Dynasty; it has been renovated several times since — we're guessing it didn't fare so well during the 1970s.

The temple compound is centered around a small carp- and turtle-filled pond with a small pagoda in the center. Burning incense, candle offerings, chanting worshippers and the absence of the city feeling make it one of the best places in town to pop into for a quick escape from reality. Hidden behind the main temple in the back is a Therevada-style temple with a Sakyamuni statue that was given to the temple by the King of Thailand.

Yuantong Si is located east of Green Lake Park at 30 Yuantong Jie. Admission is 4 yuan; the grounds are open from 8am to 6pm.

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" first constructed more than 1,200 years ago during the Tang Dynasty"

would mean built during the famous Nanzhao Kingdom.

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