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Snapshot: The Consul General of the Netherlands visits Kunming

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Yesterday, Koen Sizoo — The Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Chongqing — visited the offices of CloudBridge - Media by Design for an informal get-together with the Dutch community in Kunming.

About 30 Dutchies live in Kunming. They are working in the flower industry, running businesses, teaching English, studying Chinese, managing the GoKunming website or building bridges between Yunnan and the rest of the world through projects with local government partners such as the Destination China videos and the Destination Lijiang website.

Mr. Sizoo's personal support at what is hopefully the tail end of the Covid-19 crisis was much appreciated.

Not everyone could attend, as some people are still under quarantine, but those who were there enjoyed a chat, Gouda cheese snacks by Sapore Italia, Dutch deep-fried delicacy 'bitterballen' — courtesy of Turtle Bar owner Jeroen — and a Heineken beer.

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Bitterballen !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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