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Tonight at BigScreen 2007: Sounds of the Yunnan Countryside

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UPDATE: the performance has been moved to 8pm, after which the evening session of the film festival will commence

The The BigScreen 2007 film festival is proud to present a free performance of "Sounds of the Yunnan Countryside" tonight, starting at 8pm at Yuansheng Studio.

For anyone that hasn't had a chance to experience the talented Yi, Bai and Wa performers of Yuansheng Studio, this is a good opportunity to take in the music and dance traditions of some of Yunnan's most remote locations.

Yuansheng Studio is located next to TC/G Nordica in the center of The Loft (创库) art compound at 101 Xiba Lu, next to the Baiyao Chang (白药厂) bus stop.

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