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Jin Feibao honored by United Nations

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On October 30th, Jin Feibao — the running superman from Yunnan — visited the United Nations headquarters in New York City, to collect the 'outstanding contribution' award for promoting the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

The award ceremony started off by singing 'We are the world' and was themed "Run for Sustainable Development Goals Article 3: Good Health and Well-Being". The event was attended by sports enthusiasts from more than 10 countries and UNESCO representatives, amongst others.

Jin Feibao delivered a speech in which he shared his story relating to the "Run for Sustainable Development Goals Article 3: Good Health and Well-Being" theme. He detailed the incredible series of marathons he completed in the "Colorful Yunnan Fairyland Marathon", between May and August, 2018. In 100 days, he ran 100 marathons, a total mileage of 4219.5 kilometers.

The monster 100-day marathon aimed to promote beautiful marathon routes, scenic spots, intangible cultural heritage and tourist routes in Yunnan. Along the route, he passed by 11 cities, 49 counties and districts and 35 townships and towns. A staggering 11,157 runners were directly involved in the marathon, including famous runners from all over the world. The project aimed to promote Yunnan and achieved it by Jin Feibao running an incredibly long distance over these 100 days.

At the awards event, U.S. state representatives presented to the famous explorer Jin Feibao — who is also the executive director of the China Adventure Association and the founder of the Fairyland Marathon. The award was presented to the Fairyland Marathon Organizing Committee in recognition of their contribution to "Sustainable Development Goals Article 3: Good Health and Well-Being" of the UNHCR Organizing Committee. It marks the first time Yunnan (southwest China) has won this award in the promotion of social welfare activities.

Jin Feibao said in his speech:

Fairyland Marathon and I have won an award of great significance. I feel very honored to be thus awarded. This is a great encouragement for the Fairyland Marathon. The next Fairyland Marathon will be held in 2020. We will continue to make greater contributions to promote the UN's 17 sustainable development goals!

Part of the event was a special photo exhibition of the Fairyland Marathon. Through the exhibition, the highlights of the 100 marathons in 100 days marathon of the Yunnan team led by Jin Feibao were highlighted.

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