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Bunny: Pushin' up the daisies

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One of Kunming's more memorable logos
One of Kunming's more memorable logos

Yesterday we stumbled upon one of the more eyecatching stores in Kunming — Bunny Clothing Store.

Bunny specializes in clothing for the young adult set. Baseball caps, t-shirts, pillows and other merchandise primarily feature designs by Shanghai-based design group The Thing (website broken in some browsers).

Much of the merchandise in Bunny has a dark sense of humor, one example being a t-shirt with an image of a pickup that has hit a bicycle — 'Ctrl + Z' (the 'Undo' shortcut) is in the lower right of the image. Some goes for a little more shock value, as illustrated by Bunny's window display:

Although we didn't buy anything, it was good to see young Chinese designers trying to create something for themselves and other young Chinese.

Bunny's contact details:
Phone: (0871) 531 0223
Address: 4-5B Longxiang Jie (Longxiang Jie is the road running west from the intersection of Jianshe Lu and Wenlin Jie)

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This place is pretty cool, and is run by the daughter of the guy who manages my apartment complex. I can't wait to show him online coverage (in English). Maybe my water bill will go down :)

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