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Kunming Loft Creative Fair starts tomorrow

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Tomorrow and Saturday Yuansheng Studio in the The Loft art compound on Xiba Lu – also known as Chuangku (创库) - will host the Kunming Loft Creative Fair. The first of what is planned to be an annual event, the fair will highlight the works of the local creative community.

345Mao Xuhui毛旭辉),">http://new.artzinechina.com/display_vol_aid327_en.htmlYe Yongqing叶永青)and">http://new.artzinechina.com/display_vol_aid443_en.htmlTang Zhigang#http://arts.tom.com/1001/2006119-28812.html# (唐志冈). All three artists are from southwestern China – Ye and Tang are from Yunnan and Mao is from Chongqing – and have become well-known in China's larger art markets and abroad as well.

Participating artists and designers include Ye Yongqing, Ye Puna, Lei Yan, Yamaguchi Sayaka, KiKi, Yang Qing, Wang Han, Liu Lifen and more than 20 others. Original items available for purchase include clothing, jewelry, toys, illustrations and other artwork, shoes, handmade bags and original music. There will also be a selection of food available at the fair.

The Kunming Loft Creative Fair will be held at Yuansheng Studio tomorrow and Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm. Yuansheng Studio is located within the Loft complex at 101 Xiba Lu. For more information, call 4195697.

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