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Update: Six-year bicycle honeymoon ends

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Home at last
Home at last
Yesterday, after six years, 43 countries and 40,000 kilometers, two Thai cyclists who set out to see the world on their honeymoon have returned home.

After marrying in a Bangkok McDonald's on July 23, 2001, Charoen 'Mou' and Orawan 'Wan' Othong set off to see the world from their bicycles. Heading southward through Southeast Asia, the couple traveled through Australia, New Zealand, South America, the United States, Morocco, Western, Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia before hitting China earlier this year.

In May the couple rolled into Kunming, where they rested for several days before heading to Yuanyang. They sat down with GoKunming and shared several of the countless stories they have from their journey, many of them with accompanying photos in their numerous photo albums.

335thaibikeworld.com#http://www.thaibikeworld.com/index.php# which served to document their travels in words and photos. Since arriving in Thailand from Cambodia on October 27, the couple said they were ecstatic to be back home.

"The human body is a miracle, it can take you around the world," Wan said. "What you need is only your heart to be brave enough - do not just keep your dreams in your mind, make them happen!"

Today the couple will visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok and pay respects to the Emerald Buddha. In the afternoon they will visit Siriraj Hospital to offer prayers for the Thai King's recovery from illness.

Editor's note: GoKunming congratulates Mou and Wan on their inspiring accomplishment. Special thanks to Wasana Sitti for covering this story from Bangkok.

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