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Starbucks warming up to Yunnan coffee

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Yunnan coffee has long been somewhat of a secret known primarily to residents of Yunnan and travelers that come passing through the province. It seems that in the next few years the secret may get out to the rest of the world. Starbucks Corp has indicated that it has plans to add Yunnan coffee to its roster of coffees in China and perhaps in other countries as well.

291Reuters interview#http://www.reuters.com/article/TheChinaCentury07/idUSPEK29984520070904# on Tuesday, Starbucks China President Wang Jinlong said that Starbucks representatives had been meeting with coffee farmers in southern Yunnan to assist them in meeting Starbucks sourcing standards. The Seattle-based company has also sent shipments of Yunnan beans to the US for testing, Wang said.

Some analysts speculate that Starbucks - the world's largest chain of coffee shops - is interested in sourcing Yunnan coffee to avoid steep coffee import tariffs in China, However, the company's Shanghai office told Reuters that sourcing coffee from Yunnan would be done to add new flavors to its outlets' menus, suggesting that it could be marketed as a product of Yunnan in China and abroad.

Starbucks' Wang said that the company's sales in China were growing faster than 25 percent annually - significantly higher than its global sales growth objective of 18 percent. Starbucks currently has 246 outlets in mainland China, but the figure should be in the thousands "in the near future", he added.

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So, when will the poor and Starbucksless inhabitants of Kunming get their own Starbucks? Why is there no Starbucks Coffee in here?!!!

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