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Kunming to host offroad mountain bike race this weekend

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Despite being an ideal city for outdoor sports and a major Olympic training base for much of Asia, Kunming hosts surprisingly few sporting events. This year the Spring City has had a little more going on than in years past, most notably hosting China's 7th National Disabled Games this past May.

289Xiong Brothers Bike Shop#http://www.ftfbikes.com/index.asp#, which has organized the second stop of the UCC Cup Mountain Bike Offroad Race this Saturday in Anning.

The offroad race will feature four competitions: Young Men (men younger than 36), Older Men (men 36 and older), Women, and the Men's Pro division, which will feature cyclists who have competed nationally and internationally plus any other men who want to race with the pros. The rugged and hilly seven-kilometer race is geared more towards coping with rough terrain rather than the sheer speed needed to win a road race.

With a stop in Beijing on August 18 and the final stop in Suzhou on September 22, the race is sponsored by Chinese bicycle company UCC. The company is providing prizes in the form of gift certificates for UCC products at Xiong Brothers Bike Shop at 51 Beimen Jie. The fastest finisher in the Men's Pro division will receive 2,500 yuan in gift certificates. The fastest six finishers from the remaining three divisions combined will receive 300 to 1,500 yuan in gift certificates.

The UCC Cup is still accepting competitors before Saturday morning's race. All interested cyclists can register at the Xiong Brothers Bike Shop or call 5191520 for the registration location nearest you.

Xiong Brothers Bike Shop
51 Beimen Jie

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