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Preview: 2015 Chengjiang Lakeside Music Festival

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The Chengjiang Lakeside Music Festival — Yunnan's most recent returnee to the ever-changing landscape of outdoor jamborees — will soon pitch a tent for a weekend of summer revelry. The event will take place just east of Kunming on the beautiful shores of what is arguably China's cleanest lake — Fuxian (抚仙湖).

Known for its little-explored sunken city, Fuxian will play host to 13 local bands along with 13 DJs. Performances will be split between the 'Rock' and 'Electronica' stages. Held Friday and Saturday, August 21-22, the Chengjiang Lakeside Music Festival will feature everything from funk, soul, punk and reggae to metal, hip-hop and Sino-pop, all beachside at the Luchong Scenic Area (禄充风景区). An exact schedule has yet to be hammered out, but the following acts are currently on the bill.

Large Forehead
Large Forehead

Bands scheduled to perform

Yang Meng (杨猛)
Strange Day (奇怪的日子)
South Acid MiMi Dance Team (南方酸性咪咪)
Magic Pony (魔术小马驹)
• Qimuguang (七木广)
• Xi'er (喜儿)
Asaiya Muluo (阿赛亚木洛)
• Kawa (featuring Laohan)
Large Forehead (大脑门)
• People's Funk (民间饭客)
John Nevada & The Explosions (摇滚爷爷和他的朋友们)
• Big Lotto (大乐透)
The Great Apes (类人猿)

DJs Xiao Kris (left) and DSK
DJs Xiao Kris (left) and DSK

DJs scheduled to perform

DJ Kris
• DJ Yan
• DJ Li
• DJ
• DJ Yi
• DJ Evil_G
• DJ Dmazi
• DJ ChengCheng
• DJ Moni
• VJ Mao
• KGS (Dance Crew)

Additional activities

Along with the wide variety of musical acts, organizers have set up fun-filled athletic competitions and other interactive games. Between or during musical sets, visitors looking for entertainment can enjoy bouts of water tug-of-war and games of beach volleyball. There are even rumors of remote controlled boat races. Attendees keen on demonstrating their eating prowess may want to head over to the hot dog eating contest, while automobile aficionados can gawk at the modified car show.

In addition to hot dogs, the event will feature a large medley of Chinese and international tastes. A food truck — perhaps the first of its kind in Yunnan — will feature handmade Mexican dishes. In addition to this culinary surprise, delicious local fare will also be available. A cocktail and wine bar with more than 40 different varieties of drinks will take care of the thirsty.

Tickets, travel and accommodation

Advanced tickets to the Chengjiang Lakeside Music Festival cost 120 yuan and can be purchased online or by calling 65372555. Tickets purchased at the festival entrance cost 150 yuan. There is an additional 15 yuan entry fee, separate from event itself, to enter the scenic area where the festival is held.

Event organizers have chartered a shuttle service to the event from Kunming. Buses will depart from the Expo Garden Hotel at 8pm on the evening of August 21. Tickets are one-way only, cost 40 yuan and can be purchased when boarding.

Concertgoers need to arrange their own accommodations, of which there are many, many options. Prices per room can range anywhere from 50 to 1,500 yuan depending on the required level of opulence. However, for those wanting to sleep under the stars, organizers have a limited number of tents available for rent. These cost 80 yuan per day and can be reserved in advance by calling 65372555.

Fuxian Lake images: Yereth Jansen
Band image: Xiami
DJs Image: Dingding

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Nice. Here are a couple of nitpicking points:

- This is actually the third installment of the music festival, though it's got some new management this time.

- Fuxian is east, not west of Kunming

I went to the first one. It was alright. Just don't leave any valuables in your tent. Last time I ever saw my diving watch.

@Xiefei — Quite right. The article has been changed to reflect your comments. Thanks.

@scally: Right on. I'd delete the first comment if I knew how.

Might go, might go, but the whole accommodation insecurity bothers me. Can I pitch my own tent down? Is there parking if you come with a private vehicle?

Finally I'll let the weather decide. Summer's not known for being kind.

Accommodation-wise, there are loads of hotels in the area. You can get local taxis around the area for reasonable prices. Rooms in Chengjiang town (north of the lake) are available from around 60. Rooms in Luchong itself or other tourist-oriented locations are probably double to triple that, and will have less food options than town. We're also considering an afterparty with sailing boats (weather permitting) on sunday (23rd) at the north of the lake.

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