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Preview and Giveaway: Dali Strawberry Music Festival

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One of China's largest touring music festivals is preparing to descend on Yunnan over the National Day holiday. Strawberry Music Festival 2014 (草莓音乐节), which has already touched down this year in Beijing, Changsha, Guangdong, Shanghai and six other major mainland cities, will rumble into Dali for two days and nights of musical bliss.

Known for putting on monstrous shows in some of the country's largest cities, festival organizers at Modern Sky Laboratories have chosen a more pastoral venue as they make a push into southwest China's music scene, following in the footsteps of the Lijiang Snow Mountain and 500KM music festivals of years past.

Lijiang's adopted daughter, Kitty Lee
Lijiang's adopted daughter, Kitty Lee

Dali Strawberry Music Festival 2014

Although not nearly as ambitious as the Shanghai version — which featured 150 acts in just three days — the Dali Strawberry Music Festival lineup is nevertheless impressive. In total, 33 bands, solo acts and DJs will perform in the shadows of the Cangshan mountain range on the southern shore of Erhai Lake. The two-day event will be held at the Olympic National Fitness Center — not in Dali Old Town, but 20 kilometers south in Xiaguan (下关).

Acts scheduled to perform hail from China, Taiwan, France and Holland, and will each perform on one of three grandstands — the Strawberry Stage, the Love Stage and the Electronic Stage. In addition to hours of non-stop live music, the festival will also feature activities, food and drink booths sponsored by Tuborg Beer, art workshops and the enigmatic 'Strawberry Lifestyle House'.

Minimalist rockers Shetou
Minimalist rockers Shetou

Performance schedule

Thursday, October 2

Strawberry Stage (草莓舞台)

15:00-15:30 Guarapo (Kunming's own Latin band)
16:00-16:40 Glow Curve (发光曲线)
17:20-18:00 Mafei (马飞)
18:40-19:20 Cao Fang (曹方)
20:00-21:00 Haoyun (郝云)
21:40-22:40 Shetou (舌头)

Love Stage (爱舞台)

15:30-16:00 Cheng Zhipeng's Sound Workshop (陈志鹏声音工坊)
16:40-17:20 Kitty Lee (丽江小倩)
18:00-18:40 Madi (马頔)
19:20-20:00 Zhou Yunpeng (周云蓬)
21:00-21:40 Zhang Weiwei & Guo Long (张玮玮&郭龙)

Electronic Stage (电子舞台)

16:00-17:00 TuLAND
17:00-18:00 Rhymi
18:00-19:00 Noizome
19:00-20:00 Jason Dalee
20:00-21:00 Blind 92 (Holland)
21:00-22:00 BASS GUO

Frenchman DJ Charly Madea, who now calls Chengdu home
Frenchman DJ Charly Madea, who now calls Chengdu home

Friday, October 3

Strawberry Stage (草莓舞台)

15:00-15:30 Neuville
16:00-16:40 Yao Shisan (尧十三)
17:20-18:00 Longshendao (龙神道)
18:40-19:20 Wan Xiaoli (万晓利)
20:00-21:00 Crowd Lu 卢广仲 (Taiwan)
21:40-22:40 Zuoxiao Zuzhou (左小祖咒)

Love Stage (爱舞台)

15:30-16:00 Mabang (马帮)
16:40-17:20 Huan Qing & Li Daiguo (欢庆&李带果)
18:00-18:40 Zhong Lifeng (钟立风)
19:20-20:00 Kulu (梁晓雪)
21:00-21:40 Song Dongye (宋冬野)

Electronic Stage (电子舞台)

16:00-17:00 CARTOON
17:00-18:00 QI
18:00-19:00 ZEN°
19:00-20:00 MAXI
20:00-21:00 Charly Madea (France)
21:00-22:00 Basestring (Holland)

Reggae and Ska rockers Longshendao showing off their hair
Reggae and Ska rockers Longshendao showing off their hair

Ticket giveaway

GoKunming and Modern Sky Laboratories are happy to give away five pairs of event passes to the Dali Strawberry Music Festival 2014. Simply send the correct answer to the trivia question below via the GoKunming contact form. In addition to the answer, entries must include your name and a current phone number.

In 2011, the Strawberry Music Festival was held in two Chinese cities simultaneously. Beijing was one. What was the other?

Five entrants meeting all contest requirements will be chosen at random. Winners will be announced in the comments section below and notified directly. Giveaway tickets do not include lodging or transportation.

Folk musician Zuoxiao Zuzhou getting into it
Folk musician Zuoxiao Zuzhou getting into it

Ticketing and travel information

Single day tickets to the festival cost 150 yuan each when bought in advance or 180 yuan at the gate. Two-day passes purchased in advance are 260 yuan or 320 yuan at the venue. To buy tickets before the festival begins, visit websites Damai, Modern Sky or Wubaili. For more festival information, call 400-610-3721.

Tickets can also be purchased in person at the following fine local businesses: Camel Restaurant, The Elephant Books, Full Cup Café, Summer Lotus, Vervo Club & Bar, Wheatfield Bookstore, Yunnan Art Theater and 88 The Spot.

Xiaguan can be reached by buses departing Kunming's West Bus Station, train, plane or hired car. GoKunming strongly recommends making travel and accomodation plans as soon as possible, as National Day is one of the most busy travel seasons of the year.

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