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Kunming PSB issues public safety edict

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In the aftermath of the March 1 Kunming train station attack, the Public Security Bureau (PSB) has asked for public help in curtailing the sale of illegal arms and other activities that endanger public safety. In addition to offering cash rewards for information leading to arrests or confiscation of controlled substances, the PSB issued a list of what it deems unlawful actions and illegal devices.

The regulations go into effect immediately and expire August 31, according to the PSB report. People are urged to contact police if they witness suspicious activities or have knowledge of any illegal enterprise that may endanger public safety. Those in possession of pertinent information are encouraged to contact police either through the emergency phone number 110 or the non-emergency crime hotline 65849110.

People submitting verifiable reports of criminal activity that result in arrests or the confiscation of illegal materials will be eligible for cash rewards. These range from 500 to 20,000 yuan depending on the nature of the information. Businesses in legal possession of hazardous or otherwise dangerous chemicals or devices must submit a list of inventories to relevant PSB offices.

Below are the new PSB regulations announced as the "Crackdown on Criminal Activities Endangering Public Safety" notice. The list has been translated, edited for brevity and published without comment as a public service.

• It is illegal to manufacture, sell, transport, store, possess or otherwise use explosives, detonators, fuses, black powder and other toxic chemicals such as arsenic, cyanide and tetramine.

• It is illegal to manufacture, modify, sell, transport, or posses military or recreational firearms, shotguns, air guns, paintball guns, pellet guns, nail guns, imitation guns, gun powder, bullets or any other firearms and ammunition.

• It is illegal to carry swords, daggers, triangular knives, switchblades or self-locking bladed devices, as well as crossbows and converted projectile devices considered lethal. Those bringing such controlled devices onto public transportation vehicles or into public places face heavy punishment. Traditional or ceremonial ethnic minority weapons may not be carried outside of autonomous regions.

• The theft or misplacement of any explosive materials, firearms, ammunition and other controlled devices must immediately be reported to public security organs. Failure to file a report may lead to a criminal investigation and prosecution.

• The bulk purchase of gasoline and other combustible fuels must be accompanied by the presentation of valid identification. Failure by vendors to comply can lead to criminal prosecution.

• Illegally possessed explosive materials, firearms, ammunition, and other regulated devices, from the date of publication of this notice, may within ten days be turned over to the public security organs. Penalties will be reduced or eliminated for those coming forward themselves. Following the ten-day grace period, all other offenders will be severely punished according to the law.

• Those who provide verifiable information of crimes listed above will be rewarded. Any person aiding or abetting the crimes enumerated above will be investigated and possibly face criminal prosecution. Any retaliation against whistleblowers, will be investigated and severely dealt with.

• Effective immediately, public security organs will inspect any premises suspected of containing dangerous explosive materials, firearms, ammunition or other controlled devices or substances. Investigations and interrogations will be conducted in accordance with relevant laws. Those who fail or refuse to cooperate with public security officers may face criminal prosecution.

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I can understand having regulations that are published. What I can't understand is security regulations with an expiry date!

Where do the 1000's of kilograms of firecrackers and fireworks fit into this law??
Would this be the beginning of the end for spring festival explosive madness??

Mike - Maybe that's why the regulations have an expiry date.

I went to the train station a few days ago and noticed that the security check is now on the street in front of the Big Bull Statue. I can finally take a picture of the bull without all the people standing around it.

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