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Top Malaysian athletes to train in Kunming

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Malaysia's National Sports Council signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Monday with the Yunnan Provincial Sports Committee that is expected to pave the way for top Malaysian athletes to use Kunming as an overseas training base.

Kunming is home to several athletic facilities that take advantage of the high-altitude/low-oxygen training opportunities offered by the city's altitude of nearly 1,900 meters (6,230 feet). These facilities, including Haigeng High-altitude Training Base, Chenggong Sports Training Base and the Yunnan Aquatic Sports Training Base are helping Kunming emerge as a national and international athletic training hub.

Aside from serving as a national training base for Chinese athletes, Kunming is also increasingly becoming a home away from home for world-class athletes. With some swimmers and divers already training in the Spring City and more of its athletes on the way, Malaysia joins South Korea, Japan, Germany, the Philippines and a handful of other countries with athletes enjoying the benefits of high-altitude training, plus year-round mild weather.

Malaysian divers and gymnasts have been training in Kunming over the last three weeks, they are expected to be joined shortly by fencers, swimmers and martial artists.

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