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Giveaway: Wyndham Hotel gym and restaurant vouchers

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GoKunming is pleased to announce that in cooperation with the Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Colorful Yunnan, we will be giving away one six-month gym membership and three pairs of buffet vouchers redeemable at the hotel's Constellation restaurant.

The Wyndham is Kunming's first and only internationally managed luxury business hotel. It is conveniently located on Dianchi Lu (滇池路) adjacent to the Nanya Fengqing shopping complex and a short car ride away from destinations such as Haigeng Park in the south as well as the city center.

How to enter

Simply send your answers to the three questions below to GoKunming's contact form. To receive consideration, all entries must include answers to the questions, your name and a current phone number. Deadline for contest submissions is 11:59pm, Thursday July 18. Winners will be announced the following day in the comments section of this post and notified directly.


1. When did the Wyndham Hotel officially open? (exact date please)
2. How many restaurants does the hotel have? Name one of them, not including the Constellation.
3. How many rooms does the Wyndham Hotel have?


The gym membership will be awarded to the first person to correctly answer all three of the above questions. GoKunming readers who properly respond to at least one of the questions will be eligible to win the restaurant vouchers. Names will be chosen randomly from a hat at the conclusion of the contest. Three winners will be awarded a pair of vouchers each. Vouchers are valid for three months from the time of issuance.

Good luck!

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We have our winners! Congratulations to grand prize winner Jonathan P! He was the first to answer all three questions correctly. The winners of the restaurant vouchers are Yuan Ruifu, Kasey M and Richard S.

Again, GoKunming and the Wyndham would like to congratulate all four of the contest winners and we extend our thanks to everyone who participated.

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