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Kunming Fair in search of volunteers

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Kunming will host the 15th annual Kunming Import and Export Commodities Fair (昆交会) this June 6th-10th. The event, to be held downtown at the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center, is one of Asia's biggest trade fairs and attracts over 5,000 foreign buyers from 40 countries each year.

This year thousands of international and domestic businesses have registered to set up exhibits hoping to attract investors and develop cross-border trading contacts.

Sponsored by regional and municipal governments throughout southwest China, the 2007 Kunming Fair features seven pavilions focusing on commodities ranging from electronics and machinery to industrial and textile products. A service trade exhibition area will also debut this year.

The Hump International Volunteers are still recruiting foreign volunteers to help greet, offer general assistance and translate for visiting international companies. Volunteers who are able to speak any non-Chinese language will be dispatched throughout the fair on a need basis. Though some Chinese speaking ability is preferable, it's not required.

The ever-growing international presence at the Kunming Fair prompted organizers to develop new strategies for welcoming foreign companies.

"This is the first time in the Fair's history that volunteers from around the world are helping out," said Jian Nei, director of volunteers.

After a short briefing, volunteers will also be able to offer tour packages to visitors looking to go sightseeing after the Fair. For any tour packages that volunteers sell, they'll receive a commission, Jian said.

In addition to this commission and the possibility of making international business contacts, all volunteers will be receive a free daytrip outside of Kunming, a certificate of appreciation, a free t-shirt and free beer provided by The Hump Guesthouse.

For more information on volunteering for the Fair call Ms Xu (Chinese and English) at 13099905364.

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