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Campus saddened by teacher's passing

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Peter Gardner, a teacher at Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, passed away at his home this past Tuesday. He was 70 years old and is survived by his fiancée, Baiyun, and three grown children. Peter taught business management at the school for the past few years, returning home to Australia six months out of each year.

As of Thursday, the university had made no official announcement of his death. The news spread slowly by word of mouth to teachers and students, who were shocked and saddened by the news.

Peter was a popular teacher known for his quick wit. He often volunteered for school events, including a recent student drama contest. One of the hosts of the contest recalls on her blog: "I still remember only few weeks ago, how happy we were in that Drama night...You were such a great judge. You made us laugh so badly with your jokes."

According to the university's Foreign Affairs office, a memorial service is being planned and will be held after two of his daughters arrive in Kunming.

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Thanks for your kind thoughts on Peter Gardner. He reached out to all of us who knew him with kindness and witt. As a newcomer to Kunming last month, Peter helped me find my way on the 84 and 74 buses, took me to the bank and Wallmart. We shared meals together. He is missed but always remembered. Bob

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