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Giveaway: Teacher Training

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Acadia TESOL Academy is Kunming's only dedicated TESOL teacher training center, and they are proud to announce an exciting opportunity to get TESOL certified. Together with GoKunming, Acadia is offering two spots for their upcoming TESOL training class (starting July 23, 2012).

Two lucky teachers will be able to attend the four week, 120 hour onsite TESOL Training Course with observed teaching practicum. Each spot has a value of 9,550 yuan (US$1,500). To be eligible for the giveaway entrants must meet the following criteria (due to United Kingdom course accreditation) :

Be at least 18 years old.
Be a high school graduate (or above).
Be a native or near-native English speaker.
Have a desire to start (or continue) a career as an English teacher.

The course will take place at Acadia's Kunming TESOL Training Center.

TESOL certification is recognized worldwide and Acadia's on site graduates will be given a paper copy of their accomplishment. This is accepted throughout Europe and the Middle East, in South Korea, Japan, and even in Saudi Arabia - where no online certificates are accepted. Jobs can be found anywhere there is a need for qualified and certified English teachers.

Potential employers worldwide seek out TESOL certified teachers for higher level positions within their institutions. If you want to go beyond just being a teacher, this can be an important certificate to add to your resume.

Due to constantly evolving visa restrictions in many countries employers are sometimes unable to provide teachers with legal working papers if they are not certified teachers. A TESOL certificate enables instructors to obtain jobs in countries that have this requirement.

Benefits of training with Acadia TESOL Academy include United Kingdom accredited onsite TESOL courses with teaching practicum. Trainers are professional foreign TESOL instructors overseen by a management team with decades of experience.

Their modern training facilities are located in downtown Kunming and provide job placement support both in China and abroad. Acadia also offers ongoing assistance, after graduation, to all of their alumni. Acadia TESOL Academy is also a proud institutional member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL).

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is send your name, email and phone number via the GoKunming contact form and explain in 10 sentences or less why you would like to become a TESOL certified teacher. Essays must be submitted no later than midnight, June 29. Winners will be announced the following Monday in the comments section below (and also by direct contact).

Good luck to all the entrants!

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Congratulations to Alesia Ivankova and Dennis Corcoran – the winners of this giveaway! They will start their free TESOL training course on July 23.

To show appreciation to the great response to this giveaway, Acadia TESOL Academy has decided to give those not among the winners a great discount on Acadia's opening promotion.

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